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An innovative way to measure the abilities, attitudes, personality traits and preferences of individuals. Rather than presenting a number of statements or questions, our game-based assessments and apps provide a rich and immersive experience where actual behaviours are measured through a variety of levels and tasks.

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As an HR or recruitment specialist, games-based assessments more effectively support your employee selection and development thinking processes, while at the same time enhancing your organisation’s reputation and brand as an employer. 

These apps also allow candidates to receive more informative assessment reports that will help their self-awareness and personal development, web hunting in a more engaging experience. 



Games-based assessments appeal to candidates and employees of all backgrounds, providing a fully inclusive assessment solution that helps attract and retain the best talent, regardless of their age, gender and social background. 

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what people say about us

This is by far the biggest innovation in the world of assessments, and it will change completely the way we think about employee selection and development.

It is refreshing to see that science can also be fun and engaging. I also learned more about myself playing Cosmic Cadet – pretty smart technology!

The apps are an opportunity to engage with talent on a deeper level – the use of gamification in psychometrics will also help us attract top talent to ensure that we remain competitive in the marketplace.

I have never played a videogame before today, yet I found Firefly Freedom to be very intuitive and easy to engage with.

It was a fun engaging game, I would apply for a job which had the requirement to play this.